Agency Creative Will Be Sleeping More Soundly at Night


Agency Creative has recently added Simple Sleep Services to its diverse client roster.

advertising agency for Simple Sleep Services

Simple Sleep Services (SSS) is a Texas-based sleep medicine provider offering unparalleled access and service to patients who habitually experience snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. They provide each patient with the ability to live life again by simplifying the diagnosis and treatment process, customizing their best-of-breed Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) devices, and providing effective sleep solutions developed by industry experts.

Unlike many sleep medicine doctors whose typical form of treatment for snoring and OSA is surgery or cumbersome CPAP devices, SSS offers an innovative OAT approach for its patients. This approach is more accessible and comfortable for their patients than competitors’ offerings. SSS offers individually customized therapy; comfortable and easy-to-use class II medical devices; a simple, one-stop-shopping experience; and convenient, comfortable at-home sleep testing versus traditional in-office sleep testing. SSS has skilled professional dental and medical experts, a transparent insurance and financing process, profound knowledge of sleep-related issues, and multiple conveniently located facilities.

SSS has partnered with Agency Creative to reposition their brand and elevate the “SSS experience” as the best of breed in the market today, helping to change lives and deliver value that will generate patient advocacy as well as attract new patients.

“We are excited for our new partnership with Simple Sleep Services and are confident we will help them in reaching their business goals,” said Scott Schindele, account director of Agency Creative.

Agency Creative has completed an in-depth competitive analysis, brand immersion, strategic positioning, communications plan, and website plan for the purpose of creating an integrated campaign. The campaign will include a lead generation website and radio advertising, combined with a digital strategy. The new SSS brand and website are set to launch in June of 2016.

“We are extremely happy with the process, feedback and observations of Agency Creative so far and look forward to great results with them,” said John Truitt, CEO of Simple Sleep Services.