New Digital Campaign for BuyBoard is Driving New Customers


BuyBoard is a national purchasing cooperative that provides governmental entities access to millions of products, competitively procured from more than 1,800 vendors. While more well-known where it started in Texas, BuyBoard purchasing coop has embarked on a new chapter with this national campaign.

The new campaign set out to elevate BuyBoard as the premier choice in purchasing cooperatives, essentially communicating how BuyBoard gives its members more for less. This is accomplished by streamlining the procurement process for schools, municipalities, and other public entities.

Agency Creative took a highly strategic approach in reaching BuyBoard’s marketing goals, ultimately seeking to drive awareness to sponsoring states, increase memberships, and foster loyalty for repeat purchases.

“In the past six months, we built a strong digital footprint through a fully integrated digital campaign. The results have produced a 7% increase in entities joining BuyBoard” – Steve Fisher