Valify Partners with Agency Creative to Develop Long-Term Vision for the Brand

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Agency Creative recently kicked off their combustion process for new client, Valify. The web-based software company is bringing the healthcare industry into the future with cost-saving algorithms (think software vs spreadsheets) and user-friendly dashboards that analyze non-PO spend and help identify waste within purchased services.

It sounds complex, but Valify has made vendor cost management as easy as uploading raw reports. Their platform does the rest for you—categorizing vendors into more than 1,200 purchased service categories and spotting unnecessary, duplicate spending from a sleek, intuitive platform. Valify can do in days, what typically takes months.

Valify operates on three principles: visibility, discovery and tracking, which, as it happens, similarly align with Agency Creative’s own approach to brand building. Valify partnered with Agency Creative to develop the brand’s story and overall communication strategy, and we have wasted no time getting to know the intricacies of the brand and product.

“In Agency Creative, we saw a strategic partner who shares our core values – and we look forward to developing a pristine brand that will help grow our business and empower organizations to impact their bottom line through purchased services savings,” said Chris Heckler, Valify CEO.

Hospitals and healthcare networks are using Valify to identify savings opportunities and with Valify’s recently released benchmarking tool, are confirming the value of purchase service spend visibility. The new tool allows hospitals and healthcare networks to compare vendor spend at a granular level, against industry rates.