Twitter Ads vs. Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

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No secret here. When it comes to your best ad investment, Google leaves Facebook and Twitter in the dust. After all, people come to Google in search of goods and services. People come to Facebook in search of pictures of birthday parties and baby kittens. It makes sense that Google ads will get more traction. […]

2014: The Year of Integration?

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It all started in the mid to late 1990s. Marketers began viewing advertising media buying as a commodity. Since that time, big brands have partnered with one ad agency for creative development and a separate media-buying conglomerate for their media buying. But all this may be changing.

The Realm of the Coin

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Want to slim down your wallet this year? It could happen. All thanks to this elegant bit of whiz bang technology: Coin. This sleek little electronic device is roughly the size of a credit card. But it can hold up to eight cards all at once. Your credit cards, ATM cards, debit cards, etc. can […]

What Downton Abbey Can Teach Us About Technology

Admit it. It may be 2014 but most of us are as resistant to change as Maggie Smith’s dowager countess, Dame Crawley. Don’t believe me? Consider how the concept of Google Glass feels so farfetched and weird to most of us. Or how your mother still doesn’t use the iPad you got her two Christmases […]