7 Handy Tips for Mobile Application Development


From IBM to Disney to Coca Cola, apps are where it’s at. A recent report from mobile analytics firm Distimo reveals that the majority of the top 100 brands (91%) have a presence in at least one of the major mobile application stores. So the question is when is your brand going to make that leap? If you are a marketing manager or a CMO who’s thinking the time has come to go mobile, here are few tips from our mobile application gurus:

1. Tap, tap, tap away. Unlike desktop websites where the goal is to limit clicks, mobile apps are a totally different beast. The rule of thumb: make sure that each tap rewards the next.

2. Leaner, not less. Just because your app is being viewed on a mobile device, doesn’t mean that your customer isn’t looking for the full meal deal. Streamline, sure. But never trim out the meat of your message.

3. Mobile doesn’t mean hurried. Today’s smart phone user may be busy, but that doesn’t mean he or she is always in hurry. Sometimes they are parked in front of the TV multitasking. Remember, they search for gym socks and sports cars on the same mobile device. So never cut corners.

4. Complex, not complicated. A mobile app should be simple, but not light on content. Look for clever ways to place detailed information within well-labeled pages.

5. It’s the same old Internet. There’s no such thing as a “mobile”web. It’s just the Internet being accessed by a different device. Don’t ever forget it.

6. It’s about the service, not about the app. At the end of the day, a mobile application is nothing more than a container for information. The app is not the thing. Your service, product, brand––that’s the thing!

7. Metadata that adapts. Utilize adaptive content techniques that work across platforms. It’s a whole new way to art direct.

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