Ads where you least expect them


Just when we thought the world had run out of places to put ads, we hear this. Google predicts advertising to start showing up on our household appliances––and they are not talking about TVs. The search engine giant recently announced they believe we can expect to see ads and other content served up on everything from refrigerators and thermostats to eyeglasses and automobile dashboards. Sound crazy? I know.

Of course, context is everything. Google made this statement in an attempt to justify why they don’t need to disclose the revenue generated from mobile devices, a figure that the SEC has requested from companies like Facebook and Twitter. Google argues that it doesn’t make sense to break out mobile ad revenue since the definition of “mobile” is still evolving. You know, like refrigerators and dishwashers.

This year alone, Google has dramatically upped their promotional connectivity by getting auto brands like Audi, Honda, Hyundai and General Motors to install Google’s Android system in their cars. Add to this Google’s announcement of a new operating system specifically geared for wearable devices like watches. Plus, the much-ballyhooed Google Glass just hit the U.S. market.

As advertising space becomes more ubiquitous, the question arises just how do marketers protect themselves from the effects of advertising overload?


Today’s consumers are living in an increasingly on-demand world. Thanks to venues like Roku and Hulu Plus people are viewing what they want, when they want it. Commercials on the pre-roll of a YouTube Video often give the user a SKIP AD NOW option so they still feel in control. Free mobile apps may have annoying banner ads up top, but they usually invite you to purchase the app for an ad-free experience. Will the billboard that appears inside my dishwasher provide this option?

But, of course, all this misses the point. The goal of marketing has never been about giving consumers a way to escape your company’s ads. It has been about making the creative content something that viewers don’t want to miss.

This is where your branding agency truly earns their money. Ad placement––while definitely important–– is the easy bit. Creating engaging ads that people want to see again and again has always been the hard part. This is true whether the ad appears on a TV, a bus card or a Whirpool Side-by-Side.

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