Ads That Talk


Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words was probably an advertising agency art director. Either that, or a copywriter with major writer’s block. But whoever it was, one thing is certain: they got it right. A great visual is a powerful thing. But in fairness to copywriters, let’s all remember that this popular adage consists of 7 words and not a single picture. Ironic, huh?
So, without further ado, here are 10 fundamental principles on how to make your ads talk:


1. The visual. It’s the first thing people notice

Face it, the visual of a print ad, outdoor board or digital banner ad gets noticed before the ad gets read. Start with a provocative visual. It makes people more likely to read the copy attached to the provocative visual. Take this vintage VW ad featuring all 7 ft 1 inches of Wilt Chamberlain. What’s the other thing that is provocative about the ad? The premise. It’s a product demo that shows something that the brand clearly cannot deliver on. Very effective.


2. Sometimes less is more

Toys are just props for a child’s imagination. This Lego ads communicates that simple truth without a single word.


3. Leverage your brand assets

This clever McDonald’s POS piece uses their famous French fries to communicate their locations Wi-Fi readiness. I never knew Wi-Fi could make me this hungry.


4. There’s a reason it’s called artwork

To promote their impressive worldwide coverage, AT&T developed a series of ads that are breathtaking to behold. This one promotes the carrier’s coverage in India by transforming two rugged hands into a couple of regal Indian pachyderms. Every one of the these ads has stopping power.


5. You sometimes can judge a book by its cover

This clever series of ads invites the readers of the ads to become readers of Mint Vinetu books. Genius!


6. Side-by-side comparisons still work

This ad for Herta Knacki Sausages remind us that a child’s joy has a more affordable price tag than we sometimes think.


7. A simple picture can encapsulate a brand promise

Take this international ad for Coca-Cola Light with lemon. The creative team artfully twists a bit of lemon peel to form the distinctive Coca-Cola “C.” The only copy on the page is the words on the can.


8. Make your ad a horse of a different color

What’s the difference between a typical MEP engineer and a ccrd engineer? Creativity. The engineering firm illustrates this with this fanciful juxtaposition.


9. The quickest route to a stunning visual is a stunning woman

Not sure what they are selling, but I definitely want to buy some.


10. There’s a world of iconography out there

This German haberdashery leverages two famous mustachioed icons to show the difference a hat can make. What a hoot! Hopefully they cleared it with the estates.

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