Dealing with Those Naughty Links


As Dallas search engine optimization experts, we are often asked how to handle bad links that undermine a website’s search engine performance. The answer is simple: you remove them. Google has recently released a disavow function that makes this easy.  This is the perfect tool to take care of these naughty little links. But be aware, you need to be logged in with “owner” level access and then enter your URL to get to the disavow links page.

Here’s when to use the disavow tool to improve your website SEO.

Bad Link Warnings

When you get a bad link warning from Google, don’t ignore it. Remove the unnatural link at once. It only hurts your ranking. The disavow tool can help.

Manual Penalties

If you get slapped with a manual penalty and you believe it is negative link-based, the disavow tool can come in handy. Put it to work now.

Denied Reconsiderations

If the wrath of Google has clobbered you for negative link-building and you can’t get back in their good graces, give this bad boy a try. The disavow tool is your logical next step. You could also try sending flowers.

Victimized by Negative SEO

This is extremely rare, but if someone has been building links to your site from dodgy sources, see if the Google disavow tool can’t resolve the situation. It’s worth a shot.

Keeping your site clear of toxic links is essential to good search engine optimization. The Google disavow tool is a great addition to improve your SEO in Dallas.


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