Happy Earth Day


Happy Earth Day to You

In the 1960’s, the US and the USSR had locked horns in the space race. The Russians beat us by launching a dog into space. We beat them by putting a man on the moon. Not bad, huh? By the 1970’s space exploration had cooled its jets and we all started to focus on the planet closest to us. Good old Earth! Since then, we have all been in a race to extend the shelf life of this great big, beautiful planet of ours. And these days, your business should be part of those efforts. So, Agency Creative has come up with 9 high-impact ways to make this Earth Day count.

     1) Make an Earth Day Cake.

Bring the team together for a little celebration of our planet. No paper plates allowed.

     2) Ideate with co-workers.

Brainstorm how your organization can do more to save the planet. The best idea gets dinner for two at a fancy restaurant or a Starbucks Gift card or a gold star.

     3) Recycle.

Every office and cubicle should have a recycling bin. It’s 2023, people! Get with the program.

     4) Print less.

Less paper means less waste and more trees. We have computers now. Let’s act like it.

     5) Donate. Donate. Donate.

Okay, nobody is asking you to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of environmental causes out there that would love a donation. Climate change, alternative energy, clean water, animal rights. Take your pick.

     6) Rid the breakroom of single-use plastics.

Replace disposable plates and cutlery with sustainable alternatives like China and glass. Eliminating single-use plastics from your workplace is a great way to add a bit of class and help preserve the planet.

     7) Plant a tree or a forest.

Trees are nature’s air filters. They pull carbon out of the air and makes the planet more breathable. Grab some shovels with your team and get out there.

     8) Engage your customers.

Offer customers a special month-long Earth Day discount. Provide a dollar match for customers that donate to their local food bank.

     9) Carpool for a week.

Invite team members to share a ride. Carpooling eases highway congestion, reduces pollution, and promotes esprit de corp.

Remember, it doesn’t take much for your organization to become a green, lean fighting machine. Put on your thinking caps and see what you come up with.