How Luxury Brands Can Create Authenticity on Social Media


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram exist for one reason. And that’s to share our real-life moments. The good, the bad and the totally authentic. Today, authenticity is a commodity, and it’s no surprise that social algorithms are prioritizing luxury brands that keep it real over those that don’t.

If luxury brands want to stay relevant on social media, they’re going to have to adjust their strategy and incorporate more authentic content. Let’s talk about authenticity for a second—it may sound like a trend, but it’s something brands can’t afford to ignore. Around 52% of millennials surveyed say social media advertising influences their decision to purchase a product. Which makes authenticity a pretty important element of your brand’s social strategy.

Here are a few ways luxury brands can create authenticity on social media.

Respond to Comments

The point of social media is to connect and engage. And brands should do more of it! If customers take the time to comment on a post or submit a review, brands should take the time to respond. It’s all about creating a relationship. When you engage with a customer, like you would a friend, you form a connection. It’s real. And customers take notice. Whether your conversation is good or bad, you gain a more loyal following.

On a recent Coach post, several unhappy customers left comments complaining about delivery and communication for all their followers to see. Coach did not respond. Rather than using this as an opportunity to showcase their customer service and engage with fans directly, they stayed silent, creating a wall between them and their customers.

Luxury Brands Must Create Authenticity on Social Media | Agency Creative

On the other hand, brands like Starbucks and Kate Spade are very responsive. They have much higher engagement rates and more successful social media posts. And they stay authentic to their brand, too. Kate Spade even extends the all lowercase look to their comments.


Luxury Brands Must Create Authenticity on Social Media | Agency Creative  Luxury Brands Must Create Authenticity on Social Media | Agency Creative

Don’t be Sales-y in Your Messaging

How you talk to your customers is important too. 46% will unfollow a brand on social for posting too many promotional messages.

Authentic messaging can be a challenge especially when luxury brands are talking to a high-income, elite crowd. However, it’s important to remember that rich folks are still normal people who lounge in their pajamas all day and eat McDonald’s occasionally.

So, skip the call to action and let your product images and reputation speak for itself. Try posting more laid back and personable captions. You’d be surprised how much more engagement you’ll receive when you speak like a friend instead of a business partner.

Capitalize on the Process

Luxury brands have expensive but one of a kind products. They are made by hand, involve rare textiles or come from a foreign country. But the product isn’t always your biggest selling point. The experience and the people behind it are.

Dior has done a great job of featuring videos that include the painstaking process of creating their bags. They get up close shots of designers sketching, sewing and packaging, showing the process behind the brand while elevating the product.

Luxury Brands Must Create Authenticity on Social Media | Agency Creative

Letting your fans in on a little behind the scenes magic makes them feel special. It creates a story that they feel lucky to be a part of and cements their connection in the most authentic way. Knowing that there are real people creating a luxury product makes the brand more respected and appreciated.

If your luxury product has an interesting or unique process, showcase it.

In a study from Label Insight, over 40 percent of customers would switch from their current preferred brand to one that offers more authenticity. Utilize your brand’s story, adjust your messaging and increase engagement.

These are just a few of many ways a luxury brand can create a more authentic social media presence.