Representing, not Assimilating

Representing, not Assimilating: A Bilingual Marketing Professional's Story - Hispanic Marketing in Dallas

Being a first-generation U.S. born Latina comes with its own unique set of challenges. I had to teach myself a lot about the culture here – especially since I decided to take the route of going to college after high school – something that was very unconventional to me and my immigrant parents’ culture.

The importance of keeping up with trends

The Importance of Keeping Up with Trends | Agency Creative Dallas

Google just released their 2020 year-in-review video, and even though they’re always full of emotion, inspiration, and hope every year, this year hit differently. In the past, the top Google searches have been “educational”, in a sense, but for entertainment purposes. 2019 saw a lot of searches in sports for the Women’s World Cup and […]

Pruett’s Food is more than a grocery store

Pruett’s Food is more than a grocery store

A fun new campaign for Pruett’s Food. Pruett’s Food is an independent grocery in Oklahoma with 10 stores. In less than a year we launched an online-shopping campaign and now have launched a full branding campaign for the brand. The new campaign humorously features Pruett’s Food as the food geeks that they are: fresh food […]

How to Convert Visitors with an Effective Landing Page

How to Convert Visitors with an Effective Landing Page | Agency Creative

When creating a digital campaign, you’ll often ask yourself several foundational questions. “How much money do we need to spend? Should we only be running ads on Google, or should we be on Bing, Facebook, or Instagram? Do we need to direct visitors to the main website? Should we build a landing page? What is […]

Creative Burnout and How to Stay Motivated

Creative Burnout and How to Stay Motivated

It can seem like a lot, to constantly use your mind to imagine and design creative/graphics 365 days a year. Some would think, “at some point do you just run out of ideas?” It can honestly feel like that sometimes, feeling a creative block stops your motivation to be at the top of your game, […]

5 Major Social Media Platforms & Their Best Practices

5 Major Social Media Platforms & Their Best Practices

The list of social media platforms seems to never stop growing, but there are a few major ones that have been around awhile and have a positive impact on your marketing. When you’re thinking about your marketing strategy, it’s important to recognize that each social platform is different – from the audience to the content […]

If You’re Reading This, Stop Using Stock Photography

Don't use stock photos for your marketing!

A photo is worth a thousand words, we know this. But a high-quality and original photo? Well, that has to be worth a million words. We’re simple creatures, and according to MDG Advertising, people only remember 10% of information for only three days after hearing it, but add in a photo and that increases to […]

Developing a Brand Voice for Social Media

social media brand voice - finding your brand voice - developing a social media brand voice - creating a brand voice - Agency Creative Dallas Social Media Marketing Agency

In the time I’ve been working in the digital marketing industry, the best practices and tactics for the various social media channels have changed quite a bit. However, one thing has remained consistent: the importance of developing a social media marketing strategy has continued to grow. This includes creating a social media brand voice. In […]

Metrics & Attributes Glossary

Definitions for Digital Marketing & Social Media Metrics - Agency Creative

Have you left a particular meeting not knowing what a word meant? We created this blog full of digital and social media terms with definitions to help you stand out in meetings. WEBSITE METRICS: Sessions– the number of times your website/a page on your site is visited ATTRIBUTES: Medium– how a user got to your […]

How Luxury Brands Can Create Authenticity on Social Media

Luxury Brands Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram exist for one reason. And that’s to share our real-life moments. The good, the bad and the totally authentic. Today, authenticity is a commodity, and it’s no surprise that social algorithms are prioritizing luxury brands that keep it real over those that don’t. If luxury brands want […]