Our Unsung Heroes


Our Unsung Healthcare Heroes

It is scary times for all of us right now. 30 million people in our country have lost their jobs. 1 billion people worldwide are confined to their homes. We are in times our world has never seen. We have been warned this would happen. But most of us believed it was more a Hollywood story. Surely, it isn’t possible. But it is. We are in a war. A battle for our lives.

We ask if we are at the peak of COVID-19 deaths? We ask how many unknown effected people are out there? We ask how long this will continue? So many questions. With so few comforting answers.

Through all of this, we have heard about our unsung heroes. Yet not enough. Our healthcare workers are the brave ones on the front lines of this deadly pandemic. Those who are sacrificing so much. Their personal lives. Their family. Their physical health. Their mental health. And so much more.

But thankfully today, their passion and determination keeps them going. Their calling won’t let them slow down. The word care from healthcare, is more than a description. It is a word that describes their reason for being. It comes from their heart. It is in their blood. They are dedicated to saving our lives.

Many have had to purchase their own safety devices to protect themselves. To not risk infecting their family members, they stay in hotels and Airbnb – which drastically effects their financial health. They experience so much pain and death each day. Not only of their patients, but their own coworkers too. It is nearly impossible for them to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many are in a state of depression. They must cope with the difficult decisions they must make each day. Because of the toll on them, many will soon become patients themselves.

Sadly, many of us on social media seem to be unaware to the trauma these heroes face each day. We are at home complaining about our confinement. About wrangling our kids and trying to keep them busy. Keeping them quiet while we have a video conference call. We are self-focused about having to invent ways to address our boredom.

We really should be asking ourselves – have we truly thought about these healthcare heroes and what they are going through? Have we reached out to show compassion? Have we done enough to help ease the pain and stress of these heroes? Have we thanked them for their service and sacrifice?

When all our lives get back to normal, our healthcare workers will be far from normal because of what they have endured.

This blog is a dedication to all you healthcare heroes in North Texas. We salute you.