Package Designs with Wow


Ever since I saw my first box of Nabisco animal crackers, I have been enamored with package designs that engage the imagination. And even though none of these recent package designs come with a handy fabric handle like my Barnum’s Animals Crackers, they still make me stop and say “wow!”


This Norwegian lager put a smile on my face before I ever cracked the cap. I love how each bottle looks like an impish garden gnome that’s gone on a bender. The Norsk Ol carton’s peek-a-boo windows make the visual impact even more delightful. However, I’m not sure how those handles are supposed to work. Perhaps, a nice fabric handle is in order. Designer: Ryanna Christianson.


Hubba, hubba. Ad agency Envision created this innovative packaging for Kohberg, a major Danish bread manufacturer. The baker donates a percentage of their revenue to the Danish Cancer Society’s annual breast cancer event. Imagine what they could do with buns!


Stockholm-based branding agency Amore uses social-savvy typography on these aluminum cider cans to create a winking emoticon out of the c and i. ROFL!


Mmm, mmm, cool! Even boring old Campbell soup cans can manage to turn your head in this ingenious grocery display promoting a local food bank drive.

Looking for ways to give your products impact? Why not start with the package?

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