PPC Tips for a Better Cyber Monday


Black Friday – the Friday before Thanksgiving – has long been the most important day on the retail calendar.  But these days, online marketers have another day to plan for: Cyber Monday.  So how do e-tail marketers compete in this online ocean of lower margins and higher competition?  Well, Pay Per Click (PPC), of course.  So here are three PPC techniques that we think will make your online sales all the merrier.


1.  Product Feeds that Save

Take advantage of Google’s Product Feed.  It offers a much higher ROI than traditional text ads.  But be prepared.  Most online merchants upload their entire catalog and bid the same for all products.  Instead, bid on each product individually.  It’s easy.  Just create a new field in your product feed named “adwords grouping.”  Put each product ID there, then create product targets for each product.  Launch your PPC campaign, then optimize bids at the keyword level.  This will save you a ton.

2.  Avoid Generic PPC Ad Copy

Rather than lumping all your products in one ad group and banging out some generic catch-all copy, get granular.  Create piece-specific PPC ads for each individual product with specific product copy.  This pre-qualifies your prospect, improves your click-through and has been known to quadruple your product sales.

 3.  PPC that Reduces Your Cost Per Click

You probably know that Google uses a quality score to set bid prices and ad rankings.  But here’s a secret: they are not the only search engines that do this.  Third party engines like Nextag and Shopzilla do pretty much the same thing.  So if you have good click through on a product ad on Google, these third party engines will offer you discounts and better ad position.  The better a product sales the better the deal you can cut. 

 So get ready for Cyber Monday.  It’s right around the corner.

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