Reopening Your Healthcare Practice in the World of COVID-19


Reopening a Healthcare Practice in the World of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected business operations in nearly every industry across the globe. While emergency and urgent healthcare services have been working overtime to keep up, many small, elective healthcare facilities have ground to a halt to flatten the curve and protect their patients. These businesses have suffered from losses in revenue, budget cuts, and furloughs in a variety of departments. What are some good general guidelines for reopening a healthcare practice?

Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel

As shelter-in-place orders lift across Texas, healthcare practices can begin resuming elective procedures once again. This transition period marks a renewed sense of hope for society as a whole, as well as many local business owners. Healthcare professionals want to take their next steps safely and responsibly. While the government has lifted many restrictions, there are still several rules and regulations in place that will change the way many of these businesses operate. It’s time for healthcare practices to start slowly reopening and adjusting their daily routines to serve customers and adapt to the ‘new normal’ for their business.

Wellness exams and elective surgeries will resume, given doctors have the proper PPE, and hospitals can still reserve an adequate number of ICU beds for potential COVID cases. As with any industry, the reopening of healthcare practices will be a gradual process as doctors work to protect their staff and their patients while still providing the highest level of care.

Leveraging the Power of Human Connection

Throughout weeks of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, many businesses have prioritized communications with customers by updating and informing them every step of the way. The pandemic is challenging to navigate, but human connection and empathy serve as a source of strength for many.

Now more than ever, patients will be looking for a strong sense of support from their trusted healthcare providers. Inform customers of your updated operating hours, procedures, and regulations during this uncertain time.

Building a Strong Brand Message in Uncertain Time

Connect with existing patients and attract new ones through refined marketing campaigns that highlight your commitment to support and safety as people step back into their routines. We’re all working harder than ever to make up for lost time and profits. Consider refining your content strategy and highlighting your brand identity to stand out as businesses reopen across Texas.

We know things won’t go back to normal overnight, but we can help you uncover new opportunities for growth through digital and traditional marketing platforms. At Agency Creative, we help healthcare providers engage with patients and create standout brand content. Connect with us today to learn how we can leverage new healthcare marketing efforts for your business. Let’s talk!