Twitter TV: The Next Big Thing in Social Media Strategy


Since its inception, Twitter has proven itself a game changer in social media strategy. It has quickly become the essential social media sidekick for any major television event. From Presidential inaugurals to Super Bowls to the Oscars, the social media elites have used their tweets to comment on Michelle Obama’s bangs, Joe Flacco’s fumbles and Jennifer Lawrence’s stumble. Funnyman John Hodgman used his 140 characters to say that he didn’t think the Best Actress Oscar should go to the nine year old or the ninety year old, but if a nine year old had played a ninety year old then she would be a shoe in.

These days, it seems, Twitter and TV go hand in hand.

So it comes as no surprise that Twitter has purchased Bluefin Labs to develop social media TV products. Bluefin Labs has been busy helping brands connect social media strategy with television shows and commercials for some time now. The Bluefin acquisition should help Twitter develop ad products and consumer engagement opportunities to further this odd couple marriage between the telly and the tweet.

“While our products have always included data from multiple social media services,” explained a Bluefin spokesperson, “the reality is that Twitter is the platform where the overwhelming majority—about 95 percent—of public real-time engagement with TV happens.”

The Bluefin acquisition comes on the heels of Twitter’s recent partnership with ratings giant Nielsen to produce something called the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating. As this two-screen phenomenon continues to expand and produce multi-tasking TV watchers, social media strategy needs to do a better job of bridging the gulf between traditional marketing platforms such as the thirty second TV spot with emerging media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

“This is why our social media agency has embraced a more integrated approach to social media strategy,” stated Mark Wyatt, president of Agency Creative. “The best social media strategy is one that surrounds the consumer at every touch point for maximum impact.”

The line between traditional and new media is continuing to blur. The marketer who persists in viewing these as separate and specialized categories will likely find their brand late to the game. Paid media and so-called free media must be coordinated for best effect and it appears that Twitter is posed to do just that.

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