We Are All Trying To Get Back To Somewhat Normal


Of course, we will never get back to complete normalcy. This pandemic will forever change the way healthcare is administered to patients, and more.

Consumers are trying to get back to their pre-COVID lives. Their consumption of advertising has increased. Companies also have slowly attempted to get back to marketing and branding their products and services. The longer businesses continue to be “in the dark” with their advertising, the more their top-of-mind consumer awareness will erode. Then trying to rebuild that awareness will require a much larger effort and budget.

We are also seeing companies are more cautious with their marketing budgets. With smaller budgets, they are needing to be much smarter and more agile to identify solutions in generating new customers. Your marketing partner will also need to do the same. Digital marketing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get back out into the market. Here are a few ways to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Email marketing: If you have an email database, use this to update patients of your COVID-19 safety measures in addition to your services. To track effectiveness, consider providing a CTA (call-to-action) directing them to a landing page.
Social media advertising: Using Facebook and Instagram, perform targeted consumer advertising to maintain awareness of your company. Design animated ads to draw their attention.

Digital marketing: The two most important forms of digital marketing are geo-targeted display ads in addition to retargeting display ads. The retargeting ads are used to remind the user of your brand following their visit to your website.

Advanced TV: This is a very cost-effective form of advertising on streaming TV, subscription video on-demand and over-the-top devices. The ads are served via smart TV apps, gaming consoles such as Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Video on-demand programs include Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, and YouTube Red in addition to many others. This form of advertising can be very targeted to your audience and location which results in a much lower cost per viewer than traditional TV advertising.

Direct mail: Because of COVID-19, we are surprisingly seeing a good response with direct mail. This is due to more people working from home and having more time to read their mail. Similar to email marketing, consider using a CTA (call-to-action) directing them to a landing page to track effectiveness.

New mover direct mail: Another effective segment of direct mail is targeting new residents within your marketing area. This gets your brand and services out front with these new consumers. Find a list provider for new movers in your area.

During these challenging times, your business needs to maintain exposure with consumers and local community. Identify ways to cross paths with them using cost-effective marketing strategies. Listen to how they are consuming information. Their behavior is changing, and your approach needs to do the same. Use emotional-driven messaging to encourage them. They are responding better to positive and upbeat advertising messages that resonate with the new normal we’re all living in.

Don’t be afraid adapt.