Deadly Duo: COVID and the Arctic Blast

How to Determine Your Marketing Budget in Shaky Economic Conditions - COVID and the Arctic Blast

This will certainly be the winter we’ll never forget. Just when things were slightly improving with COVID-19, the arctic blast brought record low temperatures, major destruction, frightening automobile wrecks, water/power outages, residential fires, more closings and deaths.

We Are All Trying To Get Back To Somewhat Normal

We Are All Trying To Get Back To Somewhat Normal

Of course, we will never get back to complete normalcy. This pandemic will forever change the way healthcare is administered to patients, and more. Consumers are trying to get back to their pre-COVID lives. Their consumption of advertising has increased. Companies also have slowly attempted to get back to marketing and branding their products and […]

Is your Company’s Brand Positioning the Problem?

Is your Company’s Brand Positioning the Problem? - Agency Creative - Dallas Marketing Agency

Today, many companies are fighting an uphill battle of achieving their marketing and sales goals. We are all busy with day-to-day responsibilities. So, pausing to look at your brand positioning and how effectively you are competing with your competitors requires time you just don’t have. Here at our agency, we frequently use the phrase “Failure […]

Standing Out in a Crowded Healthcare Marketplace

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Healthcare Marketplace - Agency Creative Healthcare Marketing Agency

Imagine you are walking down Main Street in Healthcare Town, USA. Stores of all sizes are all around you. The big box stores draw your attention first, with their fancy backlit signs illuminating names like HCA, Tenet and Community Health Systems. Then you see the midsize stores. Their signs are smaller and a little harder […]

How Informed Are You With Healthcare Marketing To The Hispanic Market?

How Informed Are You With Healthcare Marketing To The Hispanic Market?

Because of the major growth of Hispanics in our state, it is important to understand this audience and their healthcare needs. Even with the quickly changing landscape in the U.S., experts think healthcare systems aren’t prepared to adequately treat the Hispanic market. Hispanics have drastically changed the demographics within the U.S. The Hispanic market represents […]

Insights & Inspiration in Healthcare Marketing

healthcare marketing tips - preventative care marketing - healthcare marketing agency - Agency Creative

Healthcare marketing is reactive by nature. People don’t search symptoms until they have them. They don’t think about emergency care until they break something. While marketing to prospective patients in these “need you now” situations is certainly important, in today’s always-on world, it’s only part of the marketing puzzle. Adopting a proactive healthcare marketing approach […]

Crank Up Your Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising - Agency Creative, a top Dallas Advertising Agency

Does radio advertising actually work? The answer is a simple one: it depends. Some radio ads are catchy. Some radio ads are just annoying. Some are entertaining, but have no call to action. Some have a clear call to action but are so uninspiring, they fade anonymously into the dashboard. And then there are those […]

One year following Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Relief Efforts - Dallas Advertising Agency - Dallas Marketing Agency - Ad Agency Dallas TX - Agency Creative

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas coast. My personal experience in helping with rescues, affects me still to this day. The things I saw and experienced were both amazingly good, and horrendously bad. And I would do it all again. This is my story from one year ago today. When […]

Turning Your Website into a Revenue-Producing Website

revenue-producing website

What if your company website actually became a revenue-producing website? If you would have described today’s online world to someone ten years ago, I’m not sure they would’ve believed you. The ease of access to quality online content is astonishing. Google’s objective along with other search engines, is to provide the most accurate and relevant […]