AI for Healthcare is Disrupting Healthcare Marketing


AI for Healthcare is Disrupting Healthcare Marketing.

“The digital age of advertising has only been around since the mid ‘90s. When I graduated from college in the mid ‘80s, we didn’t even use computers. But in 1994 digital marketing began when the first online ad was posted to a website. Then in 1996 the first social networking site was launched, followed by the birth of social media advertising in 2004.” says Mark Wyatt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agency Creative.

Over the last few years precision targeting has evolved due to data collected on each one of us. However, in the healthcare industry, the unique challenges of regulations and HIPAA has limited our ability to leverage many advanced advertising methods.

But now, the game has changed. A new machine learning platform designed specifically for the healthcare industry has fundamentally changed how healthcare marketers target patients and providers. It uses contextual and other privacy-friendly signals to identify connections between devices and locations. It targets the right people with the right message at the right time. This HIPAA-compliant privacy-first platform has created a digital media solution that is a true game-changer for healthcare marketers.

Customized machine learning predictive models inform all media buying decisions, driving performance throughout the patient journey and leveraging upper-funnel campaign data to drive lower-funnel results. This AI for healthcare marketing extends beyond endemic health properties to reach new audiences at scale using streaming tv, rich media, digital display ads, and more.

Once a campaign launches, it evaluates patterns in seconds to accurately deliver advertising only to the audience sets that show the highest probability of interest at any given time. We’re already seeing audience predictive scoring of qualified audiences in the 90%+ range, which is an extraordinary number for any vertical, much less healthcare.

The result? Significant increase in targeting efficiency and a marked reduction in advertising costs. It’s a great day for healthcare advertising.