Agency Creative Launches Powerful Rebranding Campaign for Omnitracs

Omnitracs had grown rapidly through a series of strategic acquisitions and needed to seamlessly migrate these disparate brands into one power-parent brand. They desired a rebranding effort that would quickly telegraph innovation and leadership. Our Dallas-based advertising agency put pedal to the metal to make this transformation happen.

  • The Agency Creative team has created a powerful rebranding campaign that positions Omnitracs as an innovative force in fleet technologies.

    Jim Gardner
    Jim Gardner Vice President of Marketing, Omnitracs

Brand Strategy Agency Creative conducted qualitative and quantitative research with customers and stakeholders. Based on this, we arrived at the brand insight of the “Power of One.”

Corporate Identity The clean, new logo was inspired by highway overpasses. The orange and green shapes depict the convergence of several respected fleet management brands into one powerful, innovative force.

Omnitracs marketing - Award-Winning Dallas Marketing and Advertising Agency | Agency Creative based in Dallas TX
Omnitracs marketing - Award-Winning Dallas Marketing and Advertising Agency | Agency Creative based in Dallas TX

Internal Launch Video This internally focused video celebrated the genius and contributions of the Omnitracs team.


Environmental Branding The Omnitracs offices were festooned with bright environmental wall wraps, posters and new signage to celebrate the new corporate look.



Internal Launch Tactics The employee splash day included a variety of fun tactics: animated screensaver, email blasts, mugs, T-shirts, pens, branded goodie bags and more.



Mobile Music Player Employees were directed to this celebrative landing page full of fun, upbeat classics about traveling the open highway.


Employee Email Employees received a sneak preview of the rebranded entity with this targeted email.

High-Impact Press Kit Industry journalists and publications received this fun, high-impact piece that announced this long anticipated “detour” in fleet management technology.




2-Page Spread Print Ad This impactful spread uses a winding highway with blurring streaks of color and light to depict the road to the future.




Trade Show Marketing These trade show graphics create a powerful, cohesive presence for the re-envisioned brand.



Vehicle Wraps The Omnitracs promotional trucks were wrapped in the brand’s new look and palette.




Omnitracs Customer Video Customers on the new Omnitracs site were greeted with this brief branding video explaining this new force in fleet management solutions.


Results Omnitracs launched their new brand to their staff at a coordinated Splash Day event that was attended by all 900+ employees. Following this successful event, Omnitracs subsequently launched the brand to their external audiences at the 2015 American Trucking Association conference. The new brand has been well-received by all audiences, effectively positioning Omnitracs as a technology force in the fleet management sector.

increase in awareness year-over-year of the Omnitracs brand

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