Representing, not Assimilating: A Bilingual Marketing Professional's Story - Hispanic Marketing in Dallas

Representing, not Assimilating

Being a first-generation U.S. born Latina comes with its own unique set of challenges. I had to teach myself a lot about the culture here – especially since I decided

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#AgencyLife According to the Intern

Hi, I’m Brittney and this is my take on agency life when you’re the marketing intern at Agency Creative. My first day I arrived an hour early. Nervous. So I

Is Agency Life the Right Life for You? #AgencyLife | Agency Creative

Is #AgencyLife the Right Life for You?

There are a lot of myths and legends surrounding working at ad agencies. I remember sitting in a college lecture hall with my professor warning us about how we would

The Beauty of Grit in the Creative Process - Piping Fresh Blog

The Beauty of Grit in the Creative Process

Grit. The word itself is ugly. Irritating. A little uncomfortable even. So how does this hard-nosed notion of grit fit into something as pure and beautiful as the creative process?

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How to Crush Your Internship Interview

The sun is setting on 2016 and with the new year comes new and exciting opportunities, especially concerning internships. Whether you’re rounding the corner on your college career, graduated with

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What it takes to be a great creative director

Artie Megibben is executive creative director of Agency Creative. His long advertising career has helped make such brands as Pace Picante Sauce and the Subaru Outback household words. We took