Is #AgencyLife the Right Life for You?


There are a lot of myths and legends surrounding working at ad agencies.

I remember sitting in a college lecture hall with my professor warning us about how we would work 60+ hour weeks and never eat a home-cooked meal again. Others nodded their heads in agreeance. Somehow it’s become common knowledge that all agencies were sweatshops. And while this could be true for some firms, it’s not the case for all.

After working a few years in several different agencies, I realized that most of these “facts” weren’t true. If you’re considering an agency for your next workplace, there are a few (accurate) things you should know about #agencylife.

Agency life is challenging.

There’s no shortage of learning curves at a small advertising agency. When it gets busy, it’s common for you to pick up the slack and help your team accomplish a project – even when it’s something you’ve never done before.

At Agency Creative, we have a high standard for quality of work. And to be honest, long nights do happen from time to time. However, it’s easy to work past 6pm when you work for a company that invests in you as well. But most days, you’ll be home on time and live a healthy work/life balance.

Agency life is rewarding.

It’s a no-brainer why you see huge corporations add “agency experience preferred” to their job descriptions. Agencies allow you to work on multiple clients and see a variety of industries. The opportunities to explore different areas of expertise is endless. Agencies are a great place to work and an even better place to add to your resume.

If you are still unsure of exactly what you want to specialize in, agencies are right up your alley. Jack-of-all-trades thrive at agency life. You can pick up a new skill here and there and solidify your true specialty in that area. When the day comes to leave an agency, you’ll be fit to conquer the world having a wealth of knowledge and feeling confident in your next endeavor.

Agency life is fun.

You won’t find ping-pong tables at Agency Creative, but you will find a fully stocked beer fridge. Impromptu happy hours, monthly massages and dogs on Fridays are just a few of the fun perks AC has to offer. Just check out our Instagram!

Besides the tangible perks, small agencies consist of team players who always have your back. When everyone works so closely, you just can’t have drama. Agency Creative prides itself in being hard-working but fun at the same time. These are the kind of people you invite to your wedding.

Agency life is fast-paced.

It’s not unusual for a tight deadline to come flying through the door. That’s #agencylife at any shop, big or small. It’s going to test your ability to stay organized and work efficiently. It’s also going to feel really good when the team rallies around each other, works together and kicks that deadline’s ass.

Agency life is creative.

At agencies, you can push the boundaries and think outside the box. In fact, it’s a requirement! Getting paid to come up with new and creative stuff every day is a pretty aweseome gig, and we’re very proud of our work.

Agencies are also typically more nimble than corporate marketing departments. So when something is trending, we can act on it quickly and experiment along the way. The adrenaline can be intoxicating.

Each and every agency has its own personality. It’s important to do your research and find the one that works for you. Hit up people who’ve worked there. Talk to folks on the inside. One thing about agencies, the culture can shift radically when a new face or two join the firm.

Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think Agency Creative might be just the place. If you have a go-getter attitude, love pups and creating amazing work, we’d love to hear from you. Check us out and join us.