Best Lake Experience Close to Home

Agency Creative is excited to announce our new client, Texoma Destinations. They are the largest provider of lake lodging, boating, and exciting experiences in Texas.

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Agency Creative is excited to announce our new client Texoma Destinations. They are the largest provider of lake lodging, boating and exciting experiences within Texas and the four surrounding states.

Are Hotel Reviews a Predictor of Hotel Success?

Online Hotel Reviews

Remember back when you could only find hotel reviews in fat little guide books that taught you the secrets of traveling abroad? Now our travel guides are, well, us. We write the reviews on everything from meals to movies to hotel accommodations. Thank you, Internet.

How Hotels Can Better Market to Millennials

Hospitality Marketing to Millennials | Agency Creative

For years, hospitality marketing catered to the baby boomer business traveler. We used airline points, reward programs and fresh-baked cookies to lure this loyal road warrior as they flew from business meeting to business meeting. But today, the target audience is shifting to the millennial. Marketing to millennials is a different beast.

Facebook. Should Hotels Check In or Check Out?

Facebook Coffee image

Facebook has once again “tweaked” their algorithms. The result? Only about 2 percent of those who “like” a brand’s page will ever see its post in their feed. So should a hotel brand still bother to invest marketing time and energy into this social network giant? The short answer is yes. Where else would you […]

Do User Generated Reviews Influence Hotel Booking?

Do User Generated Reviews Influence Hotel Booking?

Today, social media impacts consumer buying decisions in a way few people would have ever imagined. This is particularly true for the hotel industry. A recent study conducted by Pennsylvania State University sheds light on how user-generated reviews and ratings impact individuals looking to book a trip out of town.

How to Sell a Hotel that isn’t Actually There

Dallas Advertising Agency_Renaissance Hotel_Missing building

Successful advertising and marketing thrives on the new, the exciting, the cutting edge. For a new car launch advertisers tease with sheets of silk draped over sleek, backlit shapes. To sell the next blockbuster, Hollywood stitches together provocative chase scenes with passionate embraces for a movie that hasn’t finished filming. But how do you sell […]

Crafting Your Hotel Chain’s Elevator Pitch

hotel marketing - Award-Winning Dallas Marketing and Advertising Agency | Agency Creative based in Dallas TX

Hotel Marketing An easy to articulate “elevator pitch” is basic to effective hotel marketing, but you’d be surprised how few hospitality marketing directors have ever bothered crafting one.