Facebook. Should Hotels Check In or Check Out?


Facebook has once again “tweaked” their algorithms. The result? Only about 2 percent of those who “like” a brand’s page will ever see its post in their feed. So should a hotel brand still bother to invest marketing time and energy into this social network giant? The short answer is yes. Where else would you go? According to search experts, the Facebook channel still provides hospitality marketers the best bang for their buck.

“Most other social platforms out there are still underdeveloped (in terms of ads),” says Brittany Richter, Supervisor of Paid Social at iProspect. “[They] do not allow you to track the user experience.”

Hotels like the MGM Resorts International have reported great success advertising on Facebook.

“Facebook has provided tools and advertising tactics that allow us to communicate with our customers at every stage of the purchasing process,” states Scott Voeller, Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Advertising, MGM Resorts International.

Hotel Tonight also is reporting good results. Facebook allows the brand to target specific demographics.

“In mobile right now, it’s nearly impossible to get rich targeting,” says Adam Grenier, Director of Mobile Marketing, Hotel Tonight. “With Facebook, I feel like a kid in a candy store. It performs better from a click-to-install perspective than anything except incentivized ads.”

Of course, like anything, you need to be willing to fund it.

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Pay to play

Facebook’s new algorithm is all about further monetizing the popular platform. The free ride is over. Consequently, today’s hospitality marketer should get ready to pay to play. Hotel chains that turn their focus from “liking” to paying will see success with Facebook. Here are a few other things to consider.

Carefully target the message

Facebook compiles user data and will display your ads to people who match the criteria you specify. This is extremely beneficial for hotels because it will target different niches. For instance, you may want to create an ad to promote wedding receptions at your property. Easy! Specify that your ads are only to be shown to females who are engaged, between 20 and 25, living in a certain geography. Done! You can even develop ads that send people special offers on their birthdays. Facebook lets you target with more surgical accuracy and greater affordability than Google ads.

Don’t dabble

Your brand is either all in or all out. To get good results you need to fully engage. Half-hearted hotel marketing begets halfway results. Looking for a social media marketing resource to help with your hospitality marketing? Check us out. To find out how we can help, contact us today toll-free at 866.642.7559.

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