Making a BIG Impact in a Little Bit of Time

LIFT (Literacy Instruction For Texas) is a Dallas non-profit dedicated to improving adult literacy.

What do you do when you’re given three weeks to concept, plan and launch a major fundraising campaign that will help raise adult literacy rates in North Texas? You take three deep breaths (one for each week) and pour your heart into your work. Because THIS is your chance to do some good in the […]

This Is Not a Story About a New Website Launch

Chahta News Story - Agency  Creative based in Dallas TX

This is a story about the Choctaw people and their determination to keep Choctaw traditions, knowledge, and customs alive. Supporting this effort is the Chahta Foundation, a non-profit organization working to empower the next generation of Choctaw people through education and initiatives that bring positive change to Choctaw citizens.

3 Tips For Generating More Online Donations

More Online Donations - 3 Tips from Agency Creative, Dallas Advertising Agency

Humans are instinctively competitive and we are compassionate, so why aren’t online donations pouring into your nonprofit’s website? There’s this little thing called user experience (UX), if your website has poor UX you could be driving donors away and losing out on online donations.

Inspiring a Movement: The Chahta Foundation and the Choctaw People

Chahta Foundation and the Choctaw Nation

The Chahta Foundation initially partnered with Agency Creative to develop a website that would improve donations, however, we saw a much greater opportunity. After immersing ourselves in their organization and culture, we uncovered the inspiring story of a compelling non-profit that empowers the daily lives of a remarkable people group. A story so impactful, it […]

8 Tips to Make Your PSA Campaign a Success

PSA Announcements

Public service announcements (PSAs) have always provided great opportunities for ad agencies to flex their creative muscles and give back to the community. Developing good creative is usually the part that comes easy. Making an impact with a Public Service Announcement from a media standpoint is not quite so simple. To make this work, you […]