Inspiring a Movement: The Chahta Foundation and the Choctaw People


The Chahta Foundation initially partnered with Agency Creative to develop a website that would improve donations, however, we saw a much greater opportunity. After immersing ourselves in their organization and culture, we uncovered the inspiring story of a compelling non-profit that empowers the daily lives of a remarkable people group. A story so impactful, it could launch a global movement.

The Chahta Foundation is an independent non-profit that works closely with the Choctaw Nation to enrich Choctaw life through education, health, and culture. The Foundation offers higher education scholarships that empower Choctaw people to reach their full potential. These efforts are underpinned by the work they do to encourage cultural citizenship through active participation in the rich Choctaw legacy of strength, faith, and community.

We began by developing a well-crafted strategy aimed at building a multi-channel awareness campaign that would drive donorship. At the crux of this macro-awareness campaign is the story of the Choctaw people themselves—a story that must be told passionately and strategically. To achieve this, Agency Creative will employ a variety of tactics—both traditional and non-traditional—reaching donors exactly where they are and in a way that galvanizes the Foundation’s cause.

Leveraging the momentum from the macro-awareness phase, Agency Creative will expand the campaign into localized efforts targeted to the Choctaw people. These efforts will drive awareness among the Choctaw people on the programs and services uniquely available to them through the Chahta Foundation. This localized approach will increase Choctaw engagement with the Foundation, emboldening a sense of pride among descendants of this strong, resourceful people.

Regardless of the intended audience, both of these efforts function on Agency Creative’s deep understanding of the intrinsic needs each of us carry as human beings. Capitalizing on this knowledge, we build an emotional connection, inspiring people to mobilize and join a movement that’s changing lives.