Agency Creative helps IMI Flow Design generate online leads


Agency Creative has just completed a digital campaign that is designed to generate online leads for IMI Flow Design, a division of IMI Hydronic Engineering.

IMI Hydronic Engineering has four brands: IMI Flow Design, IMI TA, IMI Pneumatex and IMI Heimeier, which all recently rebranded under the UK-based parent brand. IMI Flow Design was looking to create a pilot program targeted to its key audience that would have clear messaging, stand out from its competitors, and provide an effective ROI. The goal of this pilot program was to prove effectiveness and provide scalability that could be taken to any of the other IMI brands.

Agency Creative conducted extensive research to understand IMI’s core business and fully comprehend the different customer sets, as well as authored a strategic positioning based on the research findings. Agency Creative then developed a robust digital program with lead generation at its core focus to expand beyond its existing customer base. This digital program consisted of LinkedIn advertising, pay-per-click advertising and display remarketing, all centered around a promotional landing page.

Promotional Landing Page
A promotional landing page was created using user experience best practices to generate online leads. The agency and client collaborated to create promotional incentives to accelerate sign ups.


LinkedIn Advertising
The LinkedIn campaign ran over a two-month period and precisely targeted key consumer job titles and members of specific industry groups.

Generate Online Leads

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads were placed in front of approximately 45,280 searches per month for search terms directly related to the IMI Flow Design business category products and tradeshow.

Generate Online Leads

Display Remarketing Ads
Display remarketing ads were placed in front of users who had visited the promotional landing page. This kept IMI Flow Design top-of-mind and encouraged targeted users to return to the IMI Flow Design page and fill out the form for the promotional incentive.

Generate Online Leads

The pilot program generated over 100,000 impressions in under seven weeks. Four weeks into the program, Agency Creative layered on a second set of content to educate prospects. Instead of offering a product discount, downloadable educational content related to the hydronic mechanical HVAC market was provided. Once the incentive was further optimized, the campaign received a 394% increase in conversions.

“In generating online leads, you walk a fine line between quality and quantity. You want qualified leads, not massive amounts of unqualified leads,” explained Mike Scannell, president and chief digital officer of Agency Creative. “We target our advertising meticulously to drive highly qualified traffic to the client’s advertisements in order to provide better results and bottom line ROI.”

IMI Flow Design sells balancing and controls products to the hydronic HVAC market. Their products are consistently reliable; they are always delivered on time and work properly the first time they are installed. IMI Flow Design offers bagging and tagging to make delivery and installation efficient and seamless at a job site.