Agency Creative creates a new international TV commercial for T.G.I. Friday’s®


Agency Creative has just completed a new television commercial for T.G.I. Friday’s®. The upbeat new commercial will run in multiple T.G.I. Friday’s® international markets.

“The new commercial builds on our on-going In Here It’s Always Friday messaging,” said Mimi Keller, T.G.I. Friday’s® International Director of Marketing Communications. “The point is clear––you don’t need to wait for the weekend to get together for great food, great drinks and great fun.”

The 30-second commercial opens with individuals receiving a mysterious midweek text message. An upbeat jingle beckons with singers repeating “It’s Friday!” The television spot concludes with everybody meeting at a local Friday’s® for food, drinks and a great time.

“The commercial is a quick-paced celebration of friendship, conviviality and that infectious Friday’s® energy,” explained Mark Wyatt, President of the Dallas-based branding agency.

Directed by Tracy Helms of Dallas-based Unleaded Films, the commercial features an ethnically diverse cast all from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“Agency Creative has once again knocked it out of the park,” said Keller. “We continue to be very impressed by their strategic insight, cultural sensitivity, creative breadth and responsiveness.”

The new commercial is being made available in more than 60 countries and translated into multiple languages and dialects.