Agency Creative Launches New Brand for Stratus


Agency Creative partnered with Stratus, formerly the Alliance Family of Companies, to develop and launch a new brand and a new neurology marketing plan for the company. Stratus is the nation’s leading provider of ambulatory in-home video EEG and has served more than 60,000 patients across the U.S. The company offers technology, services, and proprietary software solutions to help neurologists accurately and quickly diagnose their patients with epilepsy and other seizure-like disorders. Stratus also provides mobile cardiac telemetry to support the diagnostic testing needs of the neurology community.

In gearing up for the neurology marketing launch, one of the company’s primary goals for marketing themselves as Stratus was to simplify the name and their brand look to help create more clarity for physicians and patients, as the company had grown and changed considerably since it began in sleep testing more than a decade ago. As part of the new brand launch, Agency Creative dove deep in developing a strong brand strategy and then created everything from a logo, website, brochure, videos to digital marketing. The new Stratus brand better represents who the company is today and supports their growth in cloud-based solutions, artificial intelligence and machine learning that benefits physicians as well as patients.

Agency Creative felt this was a great opportunity to work with the Stratus Neuro team in promoting the company’s services to their various audience segments. “It has been an amazing experience for us to immerse ourselves in the powerful proposition that Stratus delivers,” said Scott Schindele, Account Director for Agency Creative. “We are very pleased with the new brand and are looking forward to seeing impactful results in 2021.”

Neurology Marketing: Ad Agency Launches New Brand for Stratus Neuro