Agency Creative Launches new Kim Bariatric Institute Campaign


Agency Creative has just launched a brand new integrated marketing campaign for Kim Bariatric Institute.

The Kim Bariatric Institute offers a wide variety of surgical weight loss procedures. From basic lap band surgery to gastric bypass to gastric sleeves and duodenal switches, Kim Bariatric Institute does it all.  Surgeons Dr. David D. Kim and Dr. Bridget Holden personally consult with their patients to determine the best surgery for the individual situation and weight loss goals.

The campaign focuses on the fact that Kim Bariatric Institute has successfully performed more weight loss surgeries than any bariatric surgery practice in the North Texas area––more than 6,000. This compelling thought is brought to life in the advertising tagline “Changing More Lives.”  

“Great advertising is ultimately rooted in a great strategic insight,” said Mark Wyatt, President of Agency Creative. “Changing More Lives is the strategic nugget that we knew would set them apart.”

The campaign’s six television commercials feature actual patients describing the positive outcomes of their weight loss surgeries.

“It’s not just about the weight that our patients take off,” explains Dr. David Kim , founder of the Kim Bariatric Institute. “With one surgery we are able reverse type 2 diabetes, lower their blood pressure and reduce their risk of heart disease. This is what I love about this campaign: it tells our whole story.”

In addition to the television commercials, this fully integrated campaign includes outdoor boards, radio, digital landing ads and social media.

“The Agency Creative team has shown an amazing understanding of our brand and our target market,” said Dr. Kim. “And the results could not be better––our lead generation was up 30% year over year in the first two weeks alone.”

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