At the Heart of a Company Website – TDIndustries



Agency Creative is celebrating the recent launch of long-time client TDIndustries’ (TD) new company website. In 2014 TD engaged Agency Creative with a unique challenge—to create a mobile-friendly company website that balanced technical expertise with the employee-centered culture that lies at the heart of the company.

TD is an employee-owned company, refers to their employees as “Partners,” and is known nationally for their servant leadership philosophy. Consistently ranked on Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For®,” TD wanted a vehicle that both reflected their values and introduced the new tagline, At the Heart of Your Building.

The responsive company website, which took 18 months to design and build, strategically reorganized the flow of information to create a better user experience for mobile visitors. The site’s lifestyle imagery also featured real TD Partners.

“Agency Creative took the time to truly understand our brand. From the personality reflected in the leadership bios to the interactive timeline, each page has something special that speaks to TD’s culture,” said Hattie Peterson, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for TD.

The result was a functional, user-friendly company website for visitors on the move that allowed TD to better communicate the brand story. Since launching in late October TD has seen a 39% increase in website traffic and positive reviews from both Partners and clients.

As an agency, we loved creating a website that conveyed what was truly at the heart of the TD company—their people. Survey the Site.

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