Community Brewing


When our longtime client, TGI Fridays International, tapped us to promote International Beer Day, ideas about how the brand could authentically connect with beer drinkers immediately started brewing.

With only 4 weeks to concept, design and launch a campaign, we cracked a cold one and set out to create a community that united beer lovers across continents, languages and cultures. The key was to find out what people love about beer beyond the buzz.

Beer drinkers are raw, authentic and opinionated. Often the type of beer they choose says something about them. Every flavor has its own style and personality that transfers to the person holding it. And we wanted Fridays to connect with them all.

So we created an anthem the international beer community could rally behind—#BeerLoversUniteAtFridays, compared beer characteristics to the personality traits of people and filled the page with relatable content that sparked debates, started conversations and invited beer lovers to unite at Fridays for International Beer Day. See the Facebook page.

In less than one week, the page reached 17 markets around the world and the posts were translated in 31 different languages with an 82.23% earned engagement rate. The social campaign helped establish a genuine relationship between Fridays and a global community of beer lovers.

That’s something we can raise a glass to.

Read the Case Study

And see if you can spot any familiar faces in the creative.