Defense Services Company Lands at Agency Creative


Remotely Piloted Solutions LLC (RPS), headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has hired Agency Creative to elevate their awareness within the defense industry. RPS provides a broad array of aviation solutions for defense contractors and the Department of Defense.

“Due to the nature of RPS’s past contracts, the company has not overtly advertised its capabilities. Relaunching is now critical to effectively communicate their leading-edge capabilities within the defense market,” said Mark Wyatt, Founder and CEO of Agency Creative. “Our country remains safe due to defense specialists like RPS. It is an honor to be partnering with them.”

Agency Creative has initiated repositioning of RPS that will better align with their broad services and ongoing successes.

“We first met with Agency Creative back in January and we were very impressed with them and their work. Now that it’s time to move forward with our growth goals in a changing environment, partnering with Agency Creative was a simple decision,” said Phil Jones, Chief Strategy Officer at Remotely Piloted Solutions. “I’m excited to see the results as we expand the capabilities RPS delivers to the warfighter and broader defense missions in the coming years.”

Agency Creative has past experience in branding defense contractors. Going forward, we are eager to see the success of our efforts for RPS.