Google’s Mobilegeddon


It’s not the end of the world, but it may be the end of online search as we know it. Google has launched a new algorithm (nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” by pundits) with a deliberate bias toward websites that are “mobile friendly.” So if your business’ website doesn’t have a mobile version or isn’t responsively designed, expect your ranking to plummet and your site visits to noticeably decrease.

Here are some questions your business should be asking itself about “Mobilegeddon”, along with some helpful answers.

How big of a deal is Mobilegeddon? Huge. According to comScore Media Matrix, Google has a 65 percent market share of U.S. Internet searches. This change will impact your company’s bottom line.

Why the change? Google is always tweaking their algorithms and this change, they explain, is in the best interest of the searcher. Search engines not only need to search up content that is relevant and timely, but the site should navigate smoothly on a mobile device.

Will the update affect results from desktop searches? It will not. However, about half of the searches on any given day are being conducted on mobile devices. So this is something you will want to address and soon.

Can this hurt your business? Sadly, it can. In 2012, Demand Media posted a $6.4 million loss in its earnings report all thanks to Google’s notorious Panda update that deranked the company from its top-spot ranking. The more your business depends on online traffic, the more this will hit your company in the pocketbook.

Want to know if this will impact your business’ website? Google has a “mobile-friendly” test page in its developer section. Just type in the URL and see if it passes.

Agency Creative’s crack digital team is here to help you through Mobilegeddon. If you are interested in making your current site more mobile friendly, just give us a call.