Branding A Big Taste in a Little Jar


Agency Creative is excited to announce our new business win of Kylito’s Salsa, a Texas-based packaged goods company that markets a family of salsa products to discerning consumers who desire a homemade style salsa in a variety of flavors.

The story of Kylito’s started over a decade ago in a small house in Lubbock TX. Kyle Lancaster, one of the company principals, began fiddling with recipes for a salsa that he would sell or give away during sales calls for his regular daytime job. When he randomly saw one of his jars in someone’s home during a sales call, he realized he had built a cult following and decided to tap into it.

Partnering with his brother Kraig, Kyle formally launched Kylito’s Salsa and the company hasn’t looked back since. Today, Kylito’s has experienced double-digit growth in national sales, with a distribution base of approximately 4,000 retailers in 26 states. The company’s immediate goal is to penetrate deeper into geographic areas where the company already has significant distribution.

“Kylito’s has a powerful brand story to tell, given the simplicity of their ingredients and unique cooking process that delivers a consistently homemade taste,” said Scott Schindele, VP Client Services of Agency Creative. “We’re excited about taking their brand in new directions and expanding their footprint.”

Agency Creative is developing a go-to-market strategy and a new brand campaign for Kylito’s, including digital, social, in-store and other mediums.

“It was evident that Agency Creative possessed the kind of packaged good expertise that we needed to deepen our penetration into our existing markets, grow our online footprint, and attract new consumers,” said Kylito’s principal Kyle Lancaster. “We’re very much looking forward to seeing our brand come to life in in 2022.”

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to telling Kylito’s brand story in a unique and powerful way!