The moment the Agency Creative rebrand got real.


When something is real, you feel it. The message resonates on a deeper level, naturally drawing you in and pulling you closer to the story and the storyteller.

At Agency Creative, we call this attractive force a genuine connection, and it’s what we create for our clients every day—real, authentic, ownable connections between brands and consumers.

So when the time came for Agency Creative to rebrand, we knew it had to be more than a logo and new coffee mugs. It had to be more meaningful, and we knew exactly where to start.

Just like any client, we put the Agency Creative brand through our unique discovery and development process called Chemistry. More on how the Chemistry process works coming soon, but for now, let’s just say we took a good, long, honest look at ourselves:  Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

Agency Creative Chemistry Process

After lots of soul-searching (and maybe a few adult beverages), what we discovered was that being genuine wasn’t just something we helped our brands do.

It’s who we are.

When that insight sunk in, big smiles and poorly executed high fives broke out around the room. It made so much sense. How could we possibly create genuine brand connections if we weren’t already living it ourselves?

Agency Creative Fist Bump

Agency Creative has always been about shooting straight. Whether it’s with clients, vendors or each other, we pride ourselves on being transparent and genuine in everything we do.

So being authentic and real was already in our DNA, and our new brand had to reflect that.

It also had to reflect our growth. Like everything in marketing, Agency Creative is evolving. We’ve expanded our digital capabilities, building a thriving content marketing practice with HubSpot certifications. Our team of social media ninjas and UX/tech experts continue to grow. We’re Google Ads Partners, Facebook marketing specialists and are currently venturing into augmented and virtual reality.

It’s heady times at Agency Creative. We’re a bit biased, of course, but we feel the new Agency Creative brand captures the essence of who we are, where we are and where we’re going as an agency.

We created something real.

Check it out

…and see if you feel it, too.