Reata Pharmaceuticals is an IPO Standout

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Reata Pharmaceuticals —one of Agency Creative’s longest-standing clients— is a superstar in this spring’s humdrum IPO market.

The pace of initial public offerings may have slowed in the first four months of 2016, but Reata Pharmaceuticals took off like a rocket.

When the IPO closed on June 1, Reata Pharmaceuticals President and CEO Warren Huff and his team had sold more than 6.3 million shares—and the price had reached a high of nearly $20.

Agency Creative has been Reata’s marketing partner since 2002—an exciting journey that’s included comprehensive branding, evolving website versions, digital marketing, advertising and more.

“It’s a thrill to celebrate with Warren and the whole Reata team as they continue to improve care with innovative treatments for pulmonary hypertension, melanoma and other significant diseases,” said Mark Wyatt, founder and CEO of Agency Creative. “We’re privileged to have such a long, mutually beneficial relationship with Reata.”