Agency Creative launches new web initiative for Halff Associates


Engineering Firm Website Launch

Agency Creative has launched a new strategic effort for Halff Associates.

Halff Associates is a Richardson-based engineering firm that serves clients across the Southwest. Their engineering firm website details a comprehensive list of services including civil engineering, landscape architecture, MEP, surveying, site development and more.

“Halff Associates has grown exponentially since it was founded by Dr. Albert Halff some 65 years ago,” said Mark Wyatt, founder and CEO of Agency Creative. “They continue to be a regional force to be reckoned with.”

The agency conducted a half-day brand immersion with key client stakeholders. This deep dive into Halff’s culture and history led to the brand insight of “smarter solutions.” This powerful summary of Halff’s core strength ultimately became the brand’s new tagline.

“Smarter solutions are what Halff provides their customers in every area,” explained Agency Creative account director Scott Schindele. “It’s who they are and who they will always be.”

This singular strategy served as the foundation of the clean, sleek, responsively designed website that the agency developed. In addition, Agency Creative developed a strategic website plan and a corporate video for use on the website and at various corporate events.

“It was quite an undertaking,” said Jodi Hausenfluke, Halff Director of Marketing and Communications, “but the Agency Creative team did an outstanding job. We couldn’t be happier.”