St. Patrick. Marketing Genius.


St. Patty’s Day is here. If you’re a restaurant marketer during this time of year, what better time to pour yourself a frosty mug of green beer and learn from the big man himself. St. Patrick’s marketing skills were remarkable and underappreciated. 

Despite what we might think, St. Patrick was not the patron saint of day drinking. He was, in fact, the patron saint of Ireland. And possibly one of marketing’s first true Ad Men. Patrick was an innovative fellow who can still teach us a lot about reaching an audience, developing single-minded propositions, and successfully converting prospects to a brand. Here are just a couple of the ways:

Shamrocks. The first social media memes.

Long before Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok, St. Patrick launched the world’s first social media meme with a simple three-leaf shamrock. With it he taught the pagan Irish all about the Christian God. One God in three persons. Get it? Today, single-minded memes are still used as quick, simple ways to increase brand awareness, store traffic and social engagement. Thanks, Patrick.

Crazy high conversion rates

Over those years, he successfully converted the rough and tumble Irish heathen to Christianity. Patrick no doubt understood that a sales funnel is only as good as the shoe leather you put against it. Today, the same principle of nurturing your prospects down the funnel applies…particularly in such a competitive space as restaurants. But now, let’s look at the day itself.

More green in the till

Looking at the restaurant industry today, it is estimated more than half of the US will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a local pub or eatery. Here are a few St. Patty’s marketing ideas that will have you seeing more green. To stimulate higher bar tabs, create engaging, in-person experiences. Enhance brand engagement with food and drink rewards for on-premises purchases. These are simple executions that can go a long way with your guests.

High-value rewards

Combine the immediate gratification of an instant win prize (say, a free appetizer) with high-value rewards (like a brewery tour). Engaging text-to-enter programs. It’s so easy!

Other simple and inexpensive ideas are Mardi-gras style beads, necklaces and other trinkets that get people in a celebratory mood. And, of course, don’t forget to serve your patrons your finest green beer.

Lastly, don’t forget to decorate! Make the holiday festive with lots of green balloons, funny hats, and gewgaws.

Make St. Patty’s 2023 a day to remember for your restaurant. And raise a pint to our friend St. Patrick! We hope these St. Patrick’s marketing ideas will help you earn more green! If you are looking for an experienced restaurant marketing agency that’s NOT green, we invite you to learn more about Agency Creative