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BizTV Texas Interviews Scott Schindele of Agency Creative

Scott Schindele, Account Director at Agency Creative: “I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bryan Weatherford from BizTV Texas to discuss the importance of branding, certainly one of our favorite subjects at Agency Creative. It was a very informative discussion and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We’re looking forward to visiting BizTV Texas again […]

Is Billboard Advertising Still Relevant?

Is Billboard Advertising Still Relevant? | Agency Creative Outdoor Ads

Is billboard advertising still relevant? It’s an interesting question that doesn’t have a simple answer. Edward Boches, professor of advertising at Boston University, believes that although billboards may feel like a throwback, they are one of the few remaining shared public marketing experiences. “Given the fragmentation of media (digital, social, on-demand TV),” argues Boches, “there are […]

How Delivery is Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

How Online Food Delivery is Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

As our client TGI Fridays International can attest to, online food delivery platforms are expanding choice and convenience, allowing customers to order from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap of their mobile phone.

6 Tips for Using Online Video on Your Company Website

6 Tips Online Video Blog - Dallas Advertising Agency - Dallas Marketing Agency - Ad Agency Dallas TX - Agency Creative

A wise man once observed that a picture is worth a thousand words. To which I reply: a video is worth a thousand pictures. It’s true. Studies indicate that 73 percent of American adults are more likely to buy your product or service after watching an online video about it.

An Introduction to Generation Z Marketing

Generation Z Marketing - Award-Winning Dallas Marketing and Advertising Agency | Agency Creative based in Dallas TX

For years now, marketing people have obsessed about the emotional inner-workings and hot buttons of the millennials (AKA, “Generation Y”). But as important as the millennials are, there is a new generation that is starting to eclipse them: “Generation Z.”

Maximizing In-Store Marketing Opportunities

Coasters - Advertising Agency Dallas

The growth of e-commerce stores continues to rise, but does that mean that brick-and-mortar outlets should simply fold up their tents? By no means. Clearly, there are a lot of tactics that can get people into a brick-and-mortar location––couponing, FSIs, TV commercials, social media ads, etc. But I’d like to focus on how to leverage […]