Maximizing In-Store Marketing Opportunities


The growth of e-commerce stores continues to rise, but does that mean that brick-and-mortar outlets should simply fold up their tents? By no means. Clearly, there are a lot of tactics that can get people into a brick-and-mortar location––couponing, FSIs, TV commercials, social media ads, etc. But I’d like to focus on how to leverage in-store marketing to help motivate your prospects once they are inside your store.

A recent study from Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) reveals that in-store purchase decisions are at an all-time high: 76 percent. Here are some things that seem to be driving the in-store decision:

1) Digital Relaxation
Immerse your customers in a relaxing digital environment as much as possible. Create a comfortable sitting area with wi-fi access and a digital theater. Create an in-store babysitting area with fun digital apps. Retail stores that have invested in this technology are reporting an overall 32 percent upswing in sales volume and a 33 percent increase for in-store traffic, according to a report from Info Trends. Check out how the Microsoft Store at your local mall is using live Xbox games to attract people into the store.

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2) Upsell Opportunism
Upsell is particularly easy in a restaurant. The waiter can talk up the margaritas. The dessert tray can look tantalizing. The menu photography can feature mouth-watering pictures of delicious appetizers. People come in for a salad and leave satiated with a belly full of upsell. But what about the bar area? This is a big opportunity for upselling customers. And everything is wide open. Take the drink coasters: this is prime real estate to advertise ladies’ nights, happy hours or just promote the fun of drinking, like these TGI FridaysTM coasters do.


3) Mobile Interaction
According to a new report from InReality, 75 percent of customers use their mobile devices when shopping a brick-and-mortar store. Most of this mobile activity is for price comparison purposes. So rather than lose customers to a competitor with a better price, consider instituting a meet-it-or-beat-it policy. Also, make sure you sign up every customer to receive your online coupons and deals.


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