Spend time on Twitter. Spend dough on Amazon.


If you’ve spent much time on Twitter lately, you’ve seen a lot more Amazon products being tweeted your way: books, music, electronics, jewelry, knick knacks, etc. But what you may not have seen is a new Amazon feature called #AmazonCart. It could be the latest game changer in social media marketing. This nifty new functionality allows users to drop into their Amazon shopping cart any Amazon item that catches their eye––all without ever leaving their Twitter feed.

If the #AmazonCart feature takes off, it will effectively turn Twitter into a window shopping platform for Amazon. This partnering of e-commerce and social media is something we can expect to see more of.

Amazon is not the first company to try to refashion Twitter into a retail pipeline. Chirpify, a recent start up, came up with funding for a similar idea about a year ago. The retail concept allows Twitter users to insert trigger words in their tweets to perform specific actions or transactions. But when Amazon signs on, this sort of thing starts to get noticed.


#AmazonCart is very easy to use. Whenever a tweet with an Amazon product link appears in a Twitter feed, the user just needs to hit reply to the message and add the hashtag #AmazonCart. This places the item in the users shopping cart without ever interrupting their Twitter conversation.

This new merging of e-commerce and social media can be seen as a Win-Win-Win. These days, with Walmart.com cutting into Amazon’s online business, this sort of innovation is needed for them to keep their lion’s share lion-size. For Twitter it’s a boon because it keeps users on their social network even longer. The win for the social media user is obvious––they can multitask without skipping a beat.

Who would have ever seen Twitter as an e-commerce showroom six years ago? This sort of out of the box marketing is what every brand needs to be doing to break new ground, outdistance the competition and seize the low-hanging fruit. If you need help understanding how your business can better leverage the Internet, feel free to give us a toll-free call at 866.642.7559.

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