Healthcare Marketing Case Study | CareView Communications

CareView is a technology company serving clients in the healthcare industry. As the market leader in predictive fall monitoring, CareView’s mission is to help prevent patient falls, while at the same time reduce sitter costs.


Known as the “fall experts,” CareView has been the undisputed category leader vis-à-vis their Patient Safety System that helps customers reduce patient falls by up to 80%, while simultaneously reducing the number of patient sitters up to 65%. Their point of difference revolves around their proprietary technology platform which allows one patient safety tech to watch up to 40 patients at once, far more than their competitors. However, there was a clear healthcare marketing opportunity to overhaul their brand image and personality to showcase the company’s innovative spirit, while firmly grounding it in their extensive safety expertise. At the same time, we wanted to clearly differentiate CareView from their competitors relative to their unique product offering.

Changing the Face of Fall Prevention

The Agency Creative healthcare marketing team gave CareView a fresh new logo that better fit their current leadership position and sets the brand up for even bigger things in the future.

Careview Communications old logo
Careview Communications new logo


We first created a brand positioning strategy to convey the fact that CareView is the clear market leader – and they were, in fact, redefining the standard of care in the category. We then created a unifying message that guided the new brand voice and tone which portrayed CareView in a much more innovative and progressive manner. Once the foundation was laid, Agency Creative began developing and executing a series of integrated marketing tactics including print advertising, social media, tradeshow booth, and more. We also completely revamped the existing CareView website in the effort to leverage the new voice and provide a better visitor experience. The new campaign was launched in March 2020.

Healthcare Marketing Case Study | CareView Communications
Careview Communications - Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Marketing Case Study | CareView Communications
Healthcare Marketing Case Study | CareView Communications

Sales Presentation

Healthcare Marketing Case Study | CareView Communications
  • Agency Creative demonstrated the kind of acumen and passion we needed to create a new brand that truly reflected who we are as an organization. In many ways they have become an extension of our team, offering candid feedback and highly creative solutions that have allowed us to put our best foot forward.

    SANDRA MCREE chief operating officer, careview
Healthcare Marketing Case Study | CareView Communications


The rebranding efforts have significantly improved CareView’s visibility and perception in the market, and customers are responding positively to the new message.

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