Hauschild SpeedMixer is a technology company based in Germany specializing in bladeless centrifuge solutions and serving clients in a variety of industries including cosmetics, ceramics, polyurethanes, adhesives, compounding pharmacy, and more.


Hauschild SpeedMixer has been the undisputed category leader for nearly 50 years vis-à-vis their patented dual asymmetric centrifugal mixer technology that is precisely tooled for accurate and consistent mixing results. However, following a legal dispute with their U.S. distributor who had marketed their intellectual property as their own, it was necessary for Hauschild to refine its brand image and develop a new marketing campaign targeting the U.S. market. Importantly, Hauschild SpeedMixer needed to clearly differentiate between themselves and their former distributor – as well as their competitors – and ensure customers and prospective customers were aware of the legal situation and knew the machines they could trust and rely upon came from Hauschild.


“Agency Creative took the time to learn our business from the ground up, and the quality of the work they have done reflects their expertise and their passion to drive business results. We’re confident their strategic abilities combined with their highly creative solutions will catapult us to the top of the U.S. market.”




We’re still in the early stages of the campaign, but the initial stats are already showing promise. The marketing efforts in place have significantly improved Hauschild’s visibility and perception in the U.S. market, and clients are responding positively to the new message.

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