Vankor is an independent Texas-based oil and gas commodities trading company with a mission to bring innovation to the way the world moves energy.


As a small company in an industry of some very big players, Vankor came to Agency Creative with two important goals: Brand the company to reflect the growing, visionary organization they are, and make a big splash with a select few important names in the industry. As experts in branding companies big and small, we knew the first goal would be right in our wheelhouse. It was the second goal—hypertargeting busy, hard-to-impress execs—that would require a bold, different strategic approach.



First, we dove into our Chemistry process to build a brand identity for Vankor. We creating a logo, brand colors and corporate ID designed to better reflect their innovative, unconventional, more agile approach to moving energy.

To accomplish the second goal, we first needed to create an experience that these important executives couldn’t turn down, and then build an invitation to attend the experience they couldn’t resist.


We wanted to invite top industry individuals. First, Vankor had the title sponsorship of the 2018 Sprint Car Nationals at Texas Motor Speedway. The package included private suite access to the weekend’s races, travel and full accommodations. To make sure the Vankor brand was well-represented, we designed all of the brand’s race signage, including the Vankor Sprint Car Nationals logo.


To create invitations that couldn’t be ignored, we custom-built wooden boxes designed to look like old moonshine crates. Hand-written gift tags and a logo’d pry bar beckoned each one to be opened. Once inside, our exec invitees discovered a custom lanyard with a VIP badge, an agenda outlining the race weekend’s events and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue scotch, just to give a little taste of the top-notch experience they could expect.



The fresh oil & gas branding, custom invitations and the TMS race experience proved to be just the thing to move this hard-to-impress target to action. When the final checkered flag waved, Vankor had built strong relationships with some important players and made some lasting memories along the way.

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