Writing an Effective Brand Story

6 Basics to Writing an Effective Brand Story

Does your brand have a story? Can you recount it in less than 30 seconds? A compelling brand story is essential to competing in today’s fast-moving, ever-expanding marketplace. To help

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Crafting Your Hotel Chain’s Elevator Pitch

Hotel Marketing An easy to articulate “elevator pitch” is basic to effective hotel marketing, but you’d be surprised how few hospitality marketing directors have ever bothered crafting one.

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The Death of A Brand

The American humorist Mark Twain once had to take to task a newspaper that had prematurely reported his passing. Twain’s letter to the editor was brief and to the point:


Are Taglines Going Out of Style?

A few years ago, Forbes compiled a list of America’s best-loved taglines. At least half of these advertising lines dated back before 1975. These days, more and more brands are