Community-Based Advertising: A SUPERior Brand Experience


A-MAX Auto Insurance is an industry leader, specializing in providing low-cost insurance to thousands of Texas-based residents and businesses. Their unique ability to independently shop for coverage allows A-MAX to provide tailored policies that match each customers’ needs and budget.

But it goes beyond that for A-MAX. They’re committed to providing customers and employees the superior experience they deserve, which starts by treating them with the utmost respect.

A-MAX needed a community-based advertising campaign that both defined and reflected the “super experience” everyone who comes in contact with the brand receives.

To better connect A-MAX with their audience, we shifted the strategy to a more localized approach, allowing potential customers to encounter the brand at different points along their daily journey. We placed ads in the communities where they work and live, and close to store locations. The fully integrated bilingual campaign included in-store collateral, digital ads, social and radio spots that aired on stations regularly listened to by the target demographic.

The week leading up to the campaign’s launch, we initiated an internal teaser campaign to build curiosity and excitement. Our employees loved it. The look and feel of the Super Experience campaign is vibrant and fresh, and the messaging is concise, which helped to educate our agents on the kind of experience we want our customers to have. Kudos to the team at Agency Creative.
Nash Hariyani, Development Manager of Marketing and Communications for A-MAX Auto Insurance

Collectively, the community-based advertising campaign worked to support the overall messaging—that A-MAX is a part of the local community and recognizes the everyday heroes that belong to it. This largely diverse segment values the hard work individuals put into providing for their family and improving their community. A-MAX is no different. In support of that effort, A-MAX delivers convenient, affordable insurance and the SUPER experience these everyday heroes deserve.

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