A Well-Orchestrated Marketing Campaign

A well-orchestrated marketing campaign begins with a true understanding of your product, purpose, and audience. When our client, IMI Hydronic Engineering (IMI), launched a category-redefining control valve, they turned to Agency Creative to help them identify the best way to engage with their target audience.

IMI is a global leader in the indoor climate control category. Their name is associated with quality and innovation, and their newest pressure independent control valve, Harmony, is no exception. Harmony’s advanced technology dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to install and maintain hydronic balancing for more precise control and minimal energy consumption.

marketing campaign - IMI Hydronic Engineering

marketing campaign - IMI Hydronic Engineering

marketing campaign - IMI Hydronic Engineering

marketing campaign - IMI Hydronic Engineering

We got to know our target audience to understand what would truly resonate. The target broke into three distinct groups, all of which tend to be analytical thinkers who distrust advertising efforts.

• Specifying Engineers
• Mechanical and Control Contractors
• Building Owners and Operators
To attract this demographic, we used compelling and disruptive imagery and paired it with clear, effective language that conveyed the benefit immediately. No gimmicks. Just facts.
The concept draws parallels from the product’s ability to achieve harmony. Like the valve, a symphony of instruments combine simultaneously to produce the sound of harmony. 

Product headlines were paired with musical instruments that aligned with Harmony’s value props. In addition, we produced a trade show booth and corresponding email marketing campaign that introduced the product with an invitation to happy hour that featured a string duet. The music added an interesting sensory element, helping to soften a very technical product. 


marketing campaign - IMI Hydronic Engineering

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