Marketing in Spanish: One Size Does Not Fit All


The term Hispanic refers to people whose origin is Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Spanish-speaking Central or South American. A total of 21 countries.

But sadly, the stereotype of Latinos in the U.S. tends to put us all under one homogeneous label. In reality, we come from such different place, cultures and backgrounds.

The Spanish language is the glue that keeps us together, but it also varies in pronunciation and sometimes dialect. Just like it can be easy to spot a Texas accent in the Northeast, the same happens with Hispanics. It’s the same Spanish language, but the accent can reveal what country the speaker comes from.

Corporate America tries to put all Hispanics in the same bucket with the same label. But trying to paint an entire cultural group with the same brush is not only shortsighted, it’s a massive missed opportunity when trying to incorporate marketing in Spanish.

Hispanics come in all colors, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. From foreign born to U.S. born. From Mexico all the way down to Argentina. From pale, white skin to Afro-Caribbean. From those that crossed the border to those that the border crossed them. From those that speak no English at all to those who do not speak a word of Spanish, yet they have Hispanic names and looks. From those already assimilated in the American culture to the non-assimilate still trying to live in Cuba, but with a Miami address. Educated to non-educated. Loaded to un-banked. Baby boomers to Gen-Z—there are plenty of differences within the Hispanic population, and one size definitely does not fit all.

So, when looking for a Hispanic marketing partner, look for one that understands the differences when marketing in Spanish. A savvy Hispanic advertising agency can pin-point what specific segments best represents your desired target. And able all, they will know how to shape and share creative messaging designed to resonate with this varied, nuanced and richly-rewarding consumer group.

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