CTA Conference 2017 Highlights


We’re back with Andrea’s part three of her favorites from the Unbounce Call to Action Conference.

In case you missed – Catch up on part one and part two.

  1. “Personas are outdated and don’t tell us why customers buy things.” – Claire Sullentrop
  2. “Not all visitors are created equal.” – Dana DiTomaso
  3. “Build an intuitive connection between price and value.” – Alexa Hubley
  4. “Context can kill even the greatest product.” – April Dunford
  5. “We need to understand our own biases to become better marketers.” – Michael Aagaard

Pretty great, right? If you would like to hear more about these topics – reach out. Andrea would love to share more of what she learned at the Unbounce Call To Action Conference.

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